I love to draw. Growing up in the farmlands west of Calgary, AB, I was exposed to much of the wildlife I depict on my cards. Over the past 12 years, I've lived in a range of diverse Canadian cities including Halifax, Sudbury, and Hamilton. I consider myself fortunate to now be living back home in Cochrane, Alberta. I find that the places and creatures I've seen across Canada affect the choices I make when I start the process of illustrating a card.

I was influenced by Robert Bateman, Bill Watterson and Disney. Walt's work had such an influence that I now make my living as an animator. Computer-Animation pays the bills, but my passion is drawing. I started making cards for family and friends on special occasions. As that circle grew, so too did the opportunity to practice and refine my skills. A  LOT of time goes into each card, so its important that I enjoy the process - a worthy drawing inspires and challenges me.

Whenever possible, I gather my own reference photographs. This poses its own challenges, as its not always easy to find and then get near wildlife. Good reference photos are important because they provide anatomical and environmental details that I might not otherwise consider. Generally, elements from several photos go into a single illustration. 

In addition to selling prints, I do take orders for original custom illustrated cards. Feel free to talk with me about such orders by writing to me at kerie@keriegreen.ca. Original cards require special attention and therefore their pricing requires negotiation.

All of my cards are made with love. Why not give one to somebody YOU love?


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